Organizational Structure of CPU

1. Unit for professional education and training

We are provider of education and training events in the following working scopes and branches:

Working scopes:

1. Taxes and finances
2. ICT
3. Education, learning and transfer of knowledge
4. HRM
5. Commercial activities, marketing
6. Management and leadership
7. International trade
8. Organization of work process
9. Business communication, personal development
10. Law and legislation
11. Production process
12. Accounting and bookkeeping
13. Private security
14. Health and safety at work
15. Insurance business


1. Energy sector
2. Hospitality and tourism
3. Civil engineering
4. Public enterprises, other public institutions and municipalities
7. Heating and air-condition
8. Real-estate
9. Manufacture
10. Transport and communications
11. Accounting
12. Entrepreneurship
13. Trade
14. Cableway installations
15. Security

Preparations for examinations, assessment of knowledge and qualifications for:

– national vocational qualifications
– basic qualifications
– other public authorizations
– chambers’ qualifications

2. Examination unit

We are authorized for assessment and certification of national vocational qualifications, basic qualifications and other national qualifications in the following scopes:

– project management
– construction
– accounting
– hospitality and tourism
– production
– private security
– real-estate
– international trade
– commerce
– transport

3. Vocational College

We are provider of public post-secondary non-university technical education programs:

– information science engineer
– civil engineer
– economist
– business administrator

4. International cooperation and projects unit

In 2008 we started to systematically expand our international network and cooperation through joining international and national consortiums and participation in project teams. Our projects are mainly focused on education, training and competence development in different branches. The purpose of our project work is also to facilitate our process and personal development as well as increase and increase the quality of our services.